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teacher quinho

Quinho has a degree in Physical Education, lived in the USA for 12 years and has taken several courses in the field of training athletes.

Quinho is a former professional soccer player revealed at the base of Vitória. After the Bahian club, he played for Chapecoense and Juventude, before moving to Chilean football, where he stayed for a decade.

After hanging up his boots, Quinho took a course to become a soccer coach in Chile, starting his career on the sidelines in the South American country.

But it was in the United States, where he also took a coaching course and commanded women’s teams for eight consecutive seasons, that he developed his entire work methodology, in addition to having updated himself on the modality with courses in Holland and Germany.

In women’s football, she has played for Brazilian clubs such as Bahia, Vitória, CSA, Ypiranga, Leônico, Lusaca and Jaguariúna Futebol Clube.

Founder and President of the CFFB

On his return to Brazil, in 2011, he founded the Bahia Football Training Center, which operates in Salvador.

The CFFB (Bahia Football Training Center) was idealized by him, who works with more than 300 teenagers and has partnerships with US companies and clubs.

He actively participated in the ball boy project at the Confederation Cup and World Cup in 2014.

Its students/athletes gained the opportunity to be ball boys after winning, the regional stage of the Cola-Cola Cup.

Teacher Quinho at Granja Comari with the Brazilian under 20 women’s soccer team.

Teacher Quinho has been one of the most revealing athletes for women’s football in Brazil.

Professor Quinho congratulates the CSA for its 107 years.

Football celebrities friends of Professor Quinho

Coach Quinho with the Technical Committee of the German women's soccer team.

Camisa oficial do CFFB assinada por Zico.

Zico and Quinho

Pia Sundhage, coach of the Brazilian women's soccer team

Emily Lima, former coach of the Brazilian women's soccer team

Quinho with the President of CBF Mr.Edinaldo Rodrigues

President of the Bahia Football Federation Ricardo with Professor Quinho

Coach of the German women's national football team

Quinho and Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Quinho and Bebeto

Quinho and Léo Santana

Quinho and Léo Santana

Quinho and Léo Santana

Quinho and Léo Santana

Quinho and Jéssica Silva

Quinho and Jéssica Silva

Quinho and Jéssica Silva

Quinho and Jéssica Silva

Quinho and Jéssica Silva

Vitória - Bahia Women's Champion 2016

First title in the history of the E.C.V Partnership with the CFFB, with Quinho.

Help the CFFB

Donations can be made through PIX, key CNPJ 14.007.528/0001-05.

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