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Synergia street soccer tournament in Braga

    CFFB participates in the Synergia street tournament in Braga, Portugal.

    The Street Football Project has been organized since 2004 by Associação CAIS in partnership with various entities.

    It is an Inclusive Football competition that promotes access to sport and puts acquired personal and social skills into practice, which are essential for training and social integration.

    The Street Football Project is an innovative intervention strategy, which through sports practice aims to:

    Promote participation, change, self-esteem and dignity of each participant outside the institutional environment and traditional intervention;

    Personal and relational development and awareness of belonging to a social group and of their citizenship rights, promoting new proposals for life in society;

    The reconstruction of a positive social image of the social group in the media, the general population and government bodies;

    The development of basic and assertive personal and social skills and the reinforcement and restoration of sociability and affection networks;

    The sharing of responsibilities and objectives, in the search for creative solutions, opportunities and instruments for promotion and social inclusion.